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Safety is the main objective at ABC Transit, Inc.  With a comprehensive safety program in place, we ensure that our drivers are well trained, professional, and ready to provide our student riders with the highest level of service.  Our personnel and equipment are the difference at ABC Transit, Inc.!

Driver Employment and Training
ABC Transit, Inc. drivers are thoroughly screened and validated as the most qualified school bus and van drivers prior to employment.  All ABC Transit, Inc. drivers are subject to PA child abuse clearance and Act 126 training, PA State Police criminal history clearance, FBI criminal history clearance, Motor Vehicle Record clearance, pre-employment drug testing and reference checks.  Once employed, drivers are all trained by ABC Transit, Inc. Trainers for Commercial Drivers Licenses, with the required 14 hours of classroom and six hours of on-the-road training at a minimum.  Once drivers are certified to drive for ABC Transit, Inc., all are required to complete pre and post-trip inspections, recertification, training and safety programs, and random drug testing.  To become one of ABC Transit, Inc., qualified drivers, visit our employment section or click here for an application. 

Safety Program
A comprehensive safety program is in place at ABC Transit, Inc.  A company Safety Committee meets monthly and as needed to address safety issues in all our school districts.  The Committee is responsible for addressing fleet issues, safety concerns, and risk management.  A fleet safety vehicle is in transit daily to ensure that any safety issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

High Quality Equipment
ABC Transit, Inc. fleet of school buses, mini-buses, and school vans is of the highest quality and in outstanding mechanical condition.  New equipment for 2016 includes school buses, mini-buses and school vans.  The remainder of the majority of the fleet is under five years old and involved in an agressive preventative maintenance program.  The ABC Transit, Inc. fleet is known for little down time and minimal breakdowns, providing reliable service to our clients.

Child Check 
Every bus in our fleet is equipped with the Child Check System.  The Child Check system requires each driver to go from the front of the bus to the back after every school bus route to ensure that there are no children remaining on the bus.  Every ABC Transit, Inc. driver must thoroughly check their bus to make sure all children have departed.  With the Child Check system in place, ABC Transit, Inc. provides another system to provide our student riders a blanket of safety.

Cameras, Radios, and GPS Systems 
Vehicles in the fleet are equipped with SEON and FAMTEC cameras.  Camera systems are located at the front and back of buses, along with one directly on the driver.  An addition this year are windshield cameras to view the outside front of the bus.  This camera coverage provides all angles in the event video is needed.

ABC Transit, Inc. has a two-way radio system in place for our vehicles that keeps the base station in immediate communication with our buses and vans.  Additionally, our two-way radio units have built-in GPS that allows ABC Transit, Inc. staff to provide immediate locations of buses and vans, if needed.
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